Milwaukee-based edtech startup Fiveable is one of eight companies selected for an accelerator produced by telecom giant AT&T.

The startup, which develops live-streamed learning sessions and online communities for high school students preparing for Advanced Placement exams, was accepted into an exclusive accelerator organized by AT&T for companies focused on digital learning. As one of the eight startups in the AT&T Aspire Accelerator, Fiveable will receive $125,000, of which $100,000 is an investment from AT&T Aspire.

In addition to mentorship opportunities, Fiveable will also be exposed to 5G capabilities with AT&T experts, with a focus on “specifically how wireless technology may enhance educational outcomes and reach more students.” The accelerator begins this month and culminates in December with a demo day.

Joining Fiveable in the AT&T cohort are:

  • Almost Fun (Brooklyn, NY): reinvents test prep for underserved students by providing questions based on culturally relevant news, relatable situations and the careers of diverse professionals.
  • GiveTHX (San Francisco): builds student wellbeing and school culture using digital thank you notes to recognize positive behaviors that nurture relationships.
  • Immersed Games (Buffalo, NY): helps students through online gaming to build science literacy by directly engaging with science phenomena through hands-on experiences, like collecting data to determine if something is an invasive species.
  • KlickEngage (Miami, Fla): empowers students to report their emotional state daily and receive the support they need more efficiently, in order to feel safe and supported in every environment.
  • Purpose Project (San Francisco): builds much needed 21st century skills such as creativity, self-direction and community contribution in youth and young adults through a curriculum and digital platform.
  • Social Cipher (Los Angeles): creates video games that give players who are autistic a safe space to practice social situations and build social-emotional skills through play.
  • TechRow Inc. (New York City): aims to solve the disengagement challenge in classrooms by leveraging immersive technology such as virtual reality.

Earlier this week, Fiveable received a $25,000 investment as part of a virtual competition put together by ECMC Foundation and Chloe Capital. Fiveable founder and CEO Amanda DoAmaral was one of five women-led companies vying for up to $250,000 in investments for their ideas in education and workforce development. Read the full story here.