A “hybrid” therapy practice specializing in online services is offering free self-care sessions to educators and health care professionals experiencing heightened levels of stress during the pandemic.

United Counseling and Wellness is a therapy practice that provides counseling sessions both in-person (pre-pandemic) and via secure video chat. The company has five physical office locations in cities including Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C.

Educators and front line workers will receive a 25-minute session with a UCW therapist to discuss strategies for implementing self-care into their everyday lives. The session will include access to personalized resources and recommendations to help the workers cope with the added work stress inflicted by the pandemic, and provide references for long-term therapy, if needed.

The one-time self-care session is not meant to replace traditional therapy or address crisis situations.

“As parents of school-aged children, we are witnessing the amount of adversity and complexity that educators are asked to handle,” the company said in a statement. “While we feel immense gratitude for their commitment and sacrifice, we also feel deep concern for their personal wellbeing. We’d like to help however we can.”

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