A new Wisconsin startup is building a platform of data tools to help investors make higher returns.

Quiver, founded in Spring Green by twin brother James and Chris Kardatzke, is an investment research platform that gives retail investors free access to alternative datasets that are typically reserved for hedge funds and institutional investors. Quiver aggregates alternative stock data from across the internet and displays it in a simple web dashboard for users.

“Hedge funds and other professional investors spend billions every year on alternative data to inform their investment decisions,” said Quiver CEO James Kardatzke in a statement. “We want to help the little guys by bridging this data gap between individual investors and institutions on Wall Street.”

This week, Quiver announced that it raised a $100,000 pre-seed investment from the Idea Fund of La Crosse to help it add new tools to the platform and roll out a mobile app.

“They have a sophisticated approach and they’re also dialed in to this growing army of young investors using Robinhood and other investing tools that bring the ability to invest to the mass market,” said Jonathon Horne, the managing director of Idea Fund of La Crosse. Read the full story here.