HealthX Ventures is a member of the Wisconsin Technology Council.

The move comes as many venture capital firms are applying more scrutiny to the “depth of content” that forms the basis of startup companies, HealthX Ventures Principal Laura Hilty said yesterday during a Wisconsin Technology Council meeting in Madison.

“Because just having, again on the early stage, having one or two customers as an example, if you don’t know the landscape, they might be one-offs,” she said.

She and other investors at the event discussed the current competitive landscape for seeking capital, including for health care-related businesses. Investors are now expecting more out of founders earlier in the startup process, Hilty added.

“Proving product-market fit was really Series A, now it’s really required for seed-stage investing, hence why pre-seed is a little bit harder to invest in … unless you have, you know, really deep understanding of the market and the customers already in the founding team,” she said.

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