The year 2016 will soon be in the rear-view mirror. Catch up on news from Wisconsin’s innovation community, and take a look ahead to 2017, with these recent headlines:

—The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiled Titan Spine, a Mequon-based company that makes titanium cages of various shapes and sizes designed for spinal surgeons to use when operating on patients. The article includes a look back at a key meeting in 2009 between one of the company’s co-founders and Barbara Boyan, then a cell biologist at Emory University in Atlanta. After Titan called Boyan and gave her a sales pitch, the researcher, who had for years studied bone healing, told leaders at the company that they may be on to something. Further discussions with Boyan, who is now the dean of Virginia Commonwealth University’s engineering school, reportedly led Titan to develop its line of Endoskleton devices, which are designed to mimic the coarse surface of bones. Read the full story here.