The Badger Fund of Funds has selected another fund manager, who has launched a fund that will invest in college student entrepreneurs statewide.

Richelle Martin

Richelle Martin this month launched the new Madison-based venture capital fund, The Winnow Fund, with the aim of raising $8 million to $10 million. The Badger Fund has committed $4 million to the Winnow Fund. Martin said she hopes to close at least an initial round of funding within six months.

“We’re going to look at students at universities all across the state,” she said. “We’re going to be founding the companies. The plan is that we will find the ideas.”

The Winnow Fund would make a small initial investment in establishing new startups, and later make seed investments of up to $500,000.

“Truly anyone who is interested in supporting students (could invest),” Martin said. “I think it would be really interesting to see the alumni come out and encourage us to meet with students from their university.” Read the full story here.