Startup Milwaukee, a nonprofit organization that connects local entrepreneurs with resources to help them launch or grow digital companies, will host six consecutive days of free events, lectures, tours and networking opportunities around southeastern Wisconsin starting Tuesday, Nov. 1.

It will be the largest series of startup-focused events to be hosted in Milwaukee. Startup Milwaukee co-founder and event co-organizer Matt Cordio estimated around 1,500 people will attend.Called Milwaukee Startup Week 2016, the series is meant to connect entrepreneurs, investors and local leaders and educate them on what their peers are up to in the area.

More than 20 events are scheduled at various locations around the Milwaukee area and each will touch on one of six themes:

  • Building a stronger startup community.
  • Connecting startups and corporations.
  • Educating entrepreneurs launching & growing new ventures in southeast Wisconsin.
  • Supporting startups on college campuses.
  • Providing an opportunity to create new products and ventures.
  • Experiencing southeast Wisconsin’s co-working spaces.

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