Ross Leinweber of Whitefish Bay is preparing to launch the Milwaukee market’s first Badger Fund of Funds.


The target range for the fund is about $12 million to $15 million.

Leinweber, who previously operated Cedar Road Capital in Port Washington, has been a trader since 1996. He is also active in the real estate market, and spent 15 years working for a trading firm in Chicago before moving to Milwaukee with his family in 2013. He’s also an angel investor, and has invested in six gener8tor companies. Milwaukee-based smart floor analytics firm Scanalytics Inc., Madison-based apartment search service Abodo, Los Angeles-based feline health monitoring litter creator Pretty Litter and Minneapolis-based youth athlete health management app Player’s Health are among them.

“Cedar Road Capital was a vehicle built to manage my trading and certainly with the launch of the fund, 100 percent of my time and capacity will be dedicated to it,” Leinweber said. “My last day of trading was Sept. 15.” Read the full story here.