Marquette University‘s College of Business Administration has formed a new Student-Run Business Program and invested $300,000 in the effort.

Owen Raisch

The businesses will be housed under a separate nonprofit holding company, Blue and Gold Ventures Inc.

“The separation benefits us because it enables us to be a lot more agile,” said Owen Raisch, associate director of the Student-Run Business Program. “We can move a lot more quickly to do various business deals and we can use our own legal resources.”

About 15 students from six student startups this week completed a summer accelerator program run by a seventh student startup, Eagle Incubator, to test out their ideas’ market traction. Each received $5,000 each in seed funding, and five to 12 advisory board members. They will now apply for inclusion in Blue and Gold Ventures this fall, Raisch said. The program is currently operating out of Milwaukee coworking space Ward4. Read the full story here.