When Milwaukee Rowing Club coaches Will Bott and Sean Robinson went to Florida for the World Rowing Championships last year, there were a lot of acquaintances from the rowing community they wanted to catch up with. But there wasn’t an easy way to see who was there.

“I kept running into all of these connections and people I knew from California and Chicago and Boston,” Bott said.

While they weren’t all close friends, it would have been valuable to know they were also in the same place so they could connect, he said.

The wheels started turning, and Bott and Robinson, both 26, came up with an idea: an app that would provide a general geolocation for contacts and help them meet up. They call it bLink, and are working to raise a $150,000 seed round to launch it this summer.

“We think we found a market gap that we can really fit into pretty well. It’s super exciting,” said Bott, who established BlinkTech LLC in September. Read the full story here.