Milwaukee-based safety clothing company Safety4Her earned the $10,000 cash prize on Saturday’s episode of “Project Pitch It” on WISN-TV Channel 12. It was the first episode of the fourth season for the show.

Safety4Her makes safety clothing for women who work in the towing, trucking, trades and construction industries. The company’s president and chief executive officer Melissa Gaglione, who has worked in the towing industry for six years, started the company in 2018.

“Safety4Her started with me working in a male-dominated industry,” Gaglione said. “The clothes were too long, too big and too wide and fit one size.”

Safety4Her products are mainly reflective vests sized for women and reflective leggings, which are high-waisted, anti-bacterial, water resistant and have multiple pockets.

Gaglione was motivated to start the business based on the amount of clothing-related injuries in the aforementioned industries. There were a total of 220,000 clothing-related injuries in 2016 alone, she said.

The percentage of women working in towing, trucking and the trades has grown 22% in the past two years with a total of 770,000 women who either own a company or work in these fields, Gaglione said.

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