Oak Creek-based ShockRay Self-Defense LLC, which makes a combo self-defense tool for law enforcement, was awarded $10,000 on Saturday’s episode of “Project Pitch It” on WISN-TV Channel 12.

Lorne Forsythe of Shockray Self-Defense presents at a Wisconsin Technology Council event in 2018.

The successful Milwaukee-area business moguls who review entrepreneurs’ pitches on the show also awarded the Stritch Pitch Award, which includes business classes, office space, mentorship and staff support from Cardinal Stritch University, to Project: Grind Over Glamour. And the Pitch In Award, which includes a mogul-hosted forum of investors and business experts, went to Stoughton-based Live Undiscovered Music Inc. (LUM).

“As I’m sure all of you are aware, there’s been numerous incidents across this country involving law enforcement’s use of lethal force,” said Lorne Forsyth, president and founder of ShockRay. “As a veteran it’s my natural tendency to want to protect this country and the people in it. As an engineer and a human being, I see these things on the news and I am compelled to ask myself, ‘What can I do to try to help?’”

So Forsyth developed a combination stun gun-pepper spray device law enforcement officers can easily grab instead of their guns. The pepper spray can be used at long range, and the contact stun gun for short range. He said it would be ideal for a crowd control or a fight situation. Read the full story here.