The Milwaukee metro area added 390 tech jobs in 2017, ranking it 35th among the nation’s metros for job growth in the tech industry, according to a new report by trade group CompTIA.

With a total of 71,200 tech workers, the Milwaukee metro area’s overall net tech employment ranked 32nd among U.S. metros, according to the annual Cyberstates analysis. 

Tech workers made up 8 percent of the Milwaukee area’s overall workforce and the industry contributed $6.9 billion to the metro area’s economy in 2017, the report said.

Milwaukee’s tech job growth places it among the bottom of the list of U.S. metros. The only five major metro areas to see lower growth rates were Birmingham, which added 100 jobs; Oklahoma City, which added none; New Orleans and Memphis, which both lost 500 jobs; and Houston, which lost 1,600 jobs. Read the full story here.