“You probably have something inside of you that’s searching for more,” Laura Gallagher told a crowd at Monona Terrace in downtown Madison Monday morning. “Maybe you’re bored or stressed or restless. Maybe there’s an idea inside of you you’re hoping will get sparked into a new idea and turn into something really big.”

It may sound like a religious invitation, but the only thing Gallagher was preaching was the power of entrepreneurship. She was speaking at the second annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Wisconsin, a leadership summit for women in business and tech.

“From beginning to end, you’re going to be encouraged, empowered, supported and yes, celebrated,” she said.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated in 144 countries around the world, and the movement meant to “empower women and girls to become active participants in the economy.” Gallagher, founder and president of The Creative Company, started the first Wisconsin event last year after being awed by a similar celebration at the United Nations Plaza in New York in 2016.

Monday’s event hosted about hundreds of attendees, four keynote speakers and seven breakout sessions on topics ranging from raising capital to diversity and inclusion. Read the full story here.