The days of one-size-fits-all loyalty marketing are behind us; today’s customers want offers and rewards tailored to their unique needs. Retailers are driving customer loyalty by hyper-personalizing their offers and rewards. Stuzo defines hyper-personalization as intelligently leveraging behavioral, transactional and preferential data to optimize customer experiences in real time, creating personally and contextually relevant value on a one-to-one level, Sandra Sydlik (marketing specialist at Stuzo) explained.

“One-size-fits-all loyalty mechanics are not working anymore. It is important to focus on delivering the right message through the right channel at the right time to make the customer feel valued and appreciated,” Sydlik said. “Constantly delivering value to customers is a challenge but necessary to retaining customers and growing your share of their wallets.”

Hyper-personalization is a trend on Kwik Trip’s radar in 2021. The chain is already making strides in customizing the experiences c-store customers have using its digital and rewards channels.

“Kwik Trip sets a great example for providing customers a personalized experience via multiple channels,” said Sydlik. Delivering the correct message at the ideal time through the right channel — making the customer feel special and appreciated is key to standing out among competitors, she added.

Stuzo pointed out that Kwik Trip has a lot of ‘low-hanging fruit’ when it comes to personalization options that are already paying dividends.

Today, Kwik Trip is focused on taking advantage of these opportunities, while investigating the next level of personalization. At present, this includes personalizing the products it promotes, how it communicates to the user and the value the user receives. Kwik Trip fuels data for personalization from its rewards program, which includes location data, purchase history and a variety of different demographic-type data.

“When our guests engage with us through Kwik Rewards, they can expect a number of personalized experiences, including the offers or incentives they receive along with the various types of communications they’ll see about those offers,” said David Jackson, digital marketing and loyalty manager, Kwik Trip, which operates 750 c-stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

The La Crosse, Wis.-based chain has dedicated a lot of effort to increasing its personalization capabilities over the last few years, and it remains a goal for the chain.

“Long-term, there are many more opportunities to take advantage of from a personalization standpoint, which we expect will increase engagement among our already very active members,” Jackson said. “Not only will this add more value to the program for our guests, but will also allow us as an organization to focus on more messages, promotions and campaigns targeted toward the right audience at the right time.”