Madison, WI – Echometrix, LLC announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) awarded the
company Patent No. 8,840,555 on ultrasound technology for the dynamic
functional analysis of injured and healing tissues.  The company’s
Echosoft product line centers on the use of ultrasound to provide functional
information about soft tissues as an alternative to other more expensive and
less portable medical imaging modalities like MRI. 

Key Points:

·         U.S.
Patent No. 8,840,555 covers ultrasound systems that track motion in dynamic
ultrasound images to objectively analyze the functionality of tissues of

·         Current
ultrasound evaluation of musculoskeletal tissues lacks a standardized,
objective means of tissue functionality determination.  The technology
protected in Patent No. 8,840,555 fills that gap by providing easily
interpreted color maps and objective scores to assess tissue injury and extent
of healing.

·         Patent
joins a small, but growing IP portfolio of U.S., European, and Japanese patents
that protect the company’s ability to commercially market its product once
cleared by regulatory agencies.

·         U.S.
Patent No. 8,840,555 is the first patent assigned to company and represents
strong validation of the innovative technology the company is developing.

“The issuance
of this patent will have broad-reaching effects in clinical and veterinary
medicine, as well as in research into new musculoskeletal treatments.  It
is an important step in translating the foundational patents that the company
licenses from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation into a commercializable
product,” said Echometrix Chief Executive Jeff Dalsin.

Echometrix LLC

Echometrix is
a Madison-based developer of proprietary ultrasound technology focused on
catalyzing penetration into the market for musculoskeletal ultrasound. The
company’s products, based in part on UW-Madison technology licensed from the
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), will improve the speed,
convenience, and efficacy of musculoskeletal injury analysis and management,
while lowering costs compared to other imaging techniques. Early studies have
demonstrated improved utility for injury assessment when compared with
traditional ultrasound. The company is well positioned to address opportunities
at the nexus of three growing markets: portable ultrasound, musculoskeletal
imaging, and orthopedics. For more information, visit: