Wisconsin Office of Business Development
Administrative arm of the Small Business Regulatory Review Board for the State of Wisconsin. The Office of Business Development works with business owners, trade associations, affiliated organizations and Chambers of Commerce throughout Wisconsin to ensure business has a seat at the table, advocate for business interests within government and present rule change recommendations to appropriate agency or the Legislature.

State licensing and permitting database
Database that allows you to find all state licenses, permits, registrations and certificates by performing a keyword search.

DNR Permit Primer
Step-by-step, question-and-answer tour of the DNR regulatory programs.

Small Business Regulatory Review Board
The Board works with state agencies to see that they consider methods to reduce the impact of their rules on small businesses.

Department of Workforce Development 
Database of online services and key resources.

Employer Identification Number
This downloadable publication provides general information on Employer Identification Numbers (EINs). The topics included are:
• What is an EIN
• Information by type of business entity
• When you need a new EIN
• How to apply for an EIN
• How to complete Form SS-4
• Where to apply for an EIN
• How to avoid common problems

Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online