Madison-based EatStreet looks quite a bit different than it did seven years ago when it launched from a University of Wisconsin dorm room, with more employees, a state-of-the-art office and an ever-expanding customer base across hundreds of U.S. markets. But one thing, its founders said hasn’t changed was their growth strategy designed to deliver an intuitive and effortless diner experience.

Matt Howard

EatStreet CEO Matt Howard

EatStreet co-founders Matt Howard, Alex Wyler and Eric Martell have been successfully pursuing the key ingredients needed to concoct a well-run food-ordering platform. So far, EatStreet has partnered with over 15,000 popular restaurants. And what makes EatStreet resonate with users is that it offers an efficient and painless user experience on mobile devices and desktops. EatStreet is constantly evolving its product experience by pulling in the best customer panel insights.

EatStreet’s growth pattern has attracted U.S. and international investors as it has raised over $40 million across three rounds of funding. “Notably, Amsterdam-based Prime Ventures – which led European ordering company to a successful initial public offering last year – spearheaded EatStreet’s Series C funding and brings significant strategic insight,” said Howard, who serves as CEO.

With a solid stream of funding backing their efforts, EatStreet hit the streets and made a series of acquisitions – accompanied by a robust consumer-focused rebranding effort – that Howard said will play a key role setting EatStreet up to be among the category’s leaders. The acquisitions expedited growth in three important areas: landing new diners, locking in key restaurant partnerships and expanding delivery.

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