gBETA Madison Spring 2020 Cohort

Happ:y Wellness’ communication tools provide therapists, yoga instructors and students with the ability to remotely engage in activities such as yoga, occupational and physical therapy. Therapists and yoga instructors use products and services during sessions to facilitate communication and understanding of safe and effective activities, and create accountability for home practice. ​Over 20 beta testers are using Happy Wellness products and services.

Paul Mross: Co-Founder & CEO | ​​ | ​

Güd Medical’s​ flagship product, the ErgoExact-50, enables medical professionals such as nurses, lab technicians, and pharmacy technicians to perform repetitive and strenuous syringe procedures such as withdrawing blood samples, mixing medications, or dosing medications with less strain, reducing hand and wrist injuries. Professionals who use the ErgoExact-50 use 40% less muscle effort, which can lead to less strain. The ErgoExact-50 also allows professionals to more accurately draw or inject fluids using a syringe.​ Güd Medical is currently engaged with UW Health Pharmacy Services Building to perform a pilot study.

Joseph Ulbrich: Co-Founder & CEO |

ArgusVisio’s sensing technology reduces elderly falls and tracks and analyzes gait and mobility through the use of artificial compound eye motion tracking (ACETRAC) systems. Assisted living facility employees will be able to remotely monitor elderly residents without the need for cameras. Nurses will be automatically notified of a fall. Patients will be continuously monitored without the use of a wearable device and maintain independence. ​ArgusVisio has engaged in

120 customer discovery interviews through NSF I-Corp and five assisted living facilities have agreed to pilot studies.

Hewei Liu: Co-founder & CTO |

Campo​ creates high-quality apparel and accessories made from alpaca wool, a hypoallergenic, lightweight, warmer fabric compared to merino wool, and softer than cashmere. Campo works with small businesses and artisan groups in developing countries to empower communities through employment and commerce opportunities. Campo generated revenues of $30K in 2018 and $52K in 2019 and is projected to double their revenue in 2020.

Katie Lorenz: Founder & CEO | ​​ | ​

gBETA Milwaukee Spring 2020 Cohort

Midwest Aerial Productions sources a network of certified and licensed drone pilots skilled in cinematography, 3D mapping, thermal imaging and videography/photography. MAP caters to a wide variety of industries, such as real estate, construction, agriculture, insurance and media production companies. MAP has over 1,500 drone pilots in its network, brought in $87,000 in revenue in 2019, and plans to release a SaaS platform later this year.

Cody Retlich: Founder & CEO |

Mindful Measures’ cloud-based time and attendance platform collects information about the time workers or students spend on specific tasks within jobs or classes. Managers, supervisors and teachers view and edit data, providing performance ratings and optional feedback to produce a metric-based report called the “Real-Time Resume”. Real-Time Resumes produce an unbiased hiring, firing, and promotions process and has contributed to the placement of 180+ employees using data driven decisions.

Reginald Reed Jr: Founder & CEO |

Octane Coffee provides customers with the world’s fastest drive-thru coffee experience. Octane’s fully automated robotic cell serves premium coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice drinks to the driving commuter, who can order easily from their phone. Octane has an ordering app and kiosk prototype completed, and will be launching its first retail location in the Milwaukee area during Summer 2020.

Adrian Deasy: Founder & CEO |

washbnb provides a turnkey linen and laundry solution for short-term rental owners,

property managers, and hosts. Those renting out a property on platforms such as Airbnb cannot keep up with the laundry requirements, but there is no service designed for their needs. For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, washbnb has pivoted to laundry service for at-risk individuals.

Daniel Cruz: Co-founder & CEO |

Well-Loved handcrafts heirloom-quality leather goods for men and women. Founder Gianina Gabriel sources high-quality leather and cast hardware, and uses traditional shoemaking methods to create classic products that last. Well-Loved customers connect with the craftsmanship, unique design, and thoughtful functionality of the products. Customers purchase the products at curated markets and online. Well-Loved’s Q1 2020 sales are 30% higher than Q1 2019, and it has experienced a 51% increase in sales from 2017 to 2019.

Gianina Gabriel: Founder & CEO |

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