Adam Heier loves disc golf, and he figured that the way to play it year-round in Wisconsin would be on his mobile device.

The UW-Madison graduate had been designing software for accounting and financial service companies when he began working on the prototype for Disc Golf Unchained. This was the first mobile game for Local Route Labs, which he founded in 2011.

“I became very passionate about the creation of Disc Golf Unchained and knew that I had to find my entrepreneurial spirit when the video game started to become a reality,” Heier said.

The next step was finding the right partners. In 2013, Heier met Tyler Krucas in a recreational kickball league where they bonded over disc golf. After showing Krucas the prototype for Disc Golf Unchained, Krucas was eager to join and helped find ways to bring the game to life. Read the full story here.