Madison ranked No. 10 on a list of top 25 tech cities, and much of it has to do with a highly educated workforce, according to a report by commercial real estate services firm, Cushman & Wakefield Inc.

To determine the rankings, the firm looked at factors such as talent, capital and growth opportunity – the key ingredients to create a “tech city” or as the report refers to it, “tech stew.”

Part of the city’s high ranking is attributed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The presence of one or more local, high-profile universities where research is being done help tech markets flourish. These institutions comprise a high concentration of talented teachers, researchers and students.

“All the local universities recognizing the need have begun to invest in these areas of education, and as a result you’re getting more of a tech-savvy, talented workforce,” said Ken McCarthy, Cushman & Wakefield’s New York-based principal economist.

The city also has a high percentage of educated workers. Just over a quarter of the workforce are considered “knowledge workers.” These workers have particular skills that make them attractive to the tech sector.

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