A Milwaukee startup company is offering a new way business people in the metro-area can get around town.

WayAround, launched in 2016, offers on-demand drivers for people, but with a twist. Instead of getting around in other people’s cars like Uber or Lyft, through WayAround, a person can request a driver to chauffeur them using the customer’s own vehicle.

Since its launch, WayAround has performed more than 2,500 rides and has 450 customers, said Sam Washer, one of the company’s three founders. Executives at Milwaukee law firms Godfrey & Kahn SC and Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, and at Chase Bank are some of the people using the service, he said.

The U.S. taxi and limo market is pegged at $23 billion, Washer said, and WayAround is aiming to grab a market share by offering lower-rates for executive car-type service. The pitch from WayAround is it’s a function for businesspeople that allows them to recapture time otherwise lost behind the wheel. For companies that charge by the hour, they can perform more work for clients without going off the clock for travel purposes. Read the full story here.