Dayne Rusch, 21, was sitting through a lecture in his Pre-Business class at UW Oshkosh in 2014 when he had an epiphany that would change his life forever.

His professor was talking about the importance of major businesses having a social media presence. It was during this lecture Rusch learned about Hootsuite, a popular app for business professionals that allows them to access all their social media accounts from one convenient database. The app lets businesses track statistics on their usage and engagement, as well as respond to comments posted on their social media from customers.

Rusch loved the idea of centralizing all the social media platforms people use today into one location. Hootsuite was perfect for businesses, but there was still a hole in the market for everyday users. He wanted to develop an app that increased social media’s ease of access, while simultaneously ceasing the rampant growth of negative effects tied to social media addiction.

Rusch took it upon himself to fill that hole and, voila, Pyxsee was born— well, the idea at least.

According to the app’s website, “Pyxsee is to social media what a ‘Swiss army knife’ is to a bottle opener, a unique, easy to use social media complier that brings all of your favorite social networks into one unified place.”

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