Zack Pawlosky, a local businessman who has founded and sold several Wisconsin businesses has launched Atlene, a venture capital fund, and technology invention firm.

Atlene invests capital in high impact startups within the artificial intelligence industry to inject critically needed capital into startup businesses in exchange for equity. Additionally, Atlene invents and acquires artificial intelligence-based businesses. The primary mission of the fund is to earn aggressive returns for investors and lead initiatives on groundbreaking technology development.

Atlene is purposefully based in northeast Wisconsin because of the economic and growth opportunities that this region provides. The founding team at Atlene believes it can be part of the economic growth and prosperity of this region through the injection of private equity into growing startup companies and the development of incubators and accelerators to plant high growth startups in the Fox Valley region.

Atlene has been developed and launched with the support of key community leaders and investors, including individuals such as Al Hartman, investor and former dean at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh & Marne Keller-Krikava, recent CEO of JJ Keller and investor.

“With Zack’s experience, leadership abilities, and zealous heart for fostering success in northeast Wisconsin, we are thrilled to see him step up to the plate and lead the charge on deploying private equity dollars and technology talent for the benefit of the investors and our region as a whole. We are confident in our abilities to blaze a path forward of prosperity.” said Al Hartman, former dean at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and chairman of the board for Angels On The Water, an angel investment fund serving northeast Wisconsin.

“As a Fox Valley native and leader in our community, it’s rewarding to be part of an effort that is designed to create positive growth. We will be able to both ‘do well’ through investing in valuable startups and ‘do good’ by fueling a new entrepreneurial ecosystem in northeast Wisconsin.”​ said recent CEO of JJ Keller and investor, Marne Keller-Krikava.

“I’m elated to be in support of our new venture capital fund, Atlene. I’ve had the pleasure to participate in several early conversations around possibilities in venture capital and entrepreneurship with Zack and other local community leaders and I’m confident in what’s to come from these efforts” said UW-Oshkosh business law professor, attorney, and Angels On The Water manager, Elizabeth Hartman.

Other founding supporters and advisors include Paul Jones, attorney, and venture capital veteran, and Dan Callahan, former Kimberly Clark executive, and private consultant.

“It’s an honor for me to follow my passion as I create and lead a forward-thinking venture capital fund and technology product invention firm. Our team has been hard at work proving the concept by gaining early commitments from investors and preparing to launch our first disruptive technology. This is an opportunity to generate entrepreneurial prosperity, which means more high-quality jobs and a higher standard of living for our community. The future in northeast Wisconsin is promising and it’s an honor to be a part of the solution for accelerated growth.” Pawlosky said.