The Wisconsin Technology Council honored Madison-based health tech startup Otologic Technologies, Inc. with their top award in the Life Sciences Category of the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest on Wednesday, June 5. Otologic Technologies is developing an artificial intelligence system to help doctors better diagnose ear disease. The startup was founded this year to commercialize technology developed at The Ohio State University.

“Studies show that up to seven out of every 10 times a doctor looks in someone’s ear the diagnosis is not completely correct,” says Dr. Aaron Moberly, Chief Medical Officer at Otologic Technologies. “The problem isn’t the doctors, it’s the outdated tools and subjective nature of the exam process. You’re looking for answers with a little magnifying glass and a light stuck in a patient’s ear.”

The Otologic Technologies system will capture five second video clips of the patient’s inner ear, compare it to a database of known cases, then display pictures of similar diagnosed cases to the doctor on a computer display. The doctor makes the ultimate diagnosis, but this time with guidance from the artificial intelligence.

“We chose to incorporate in Wisconsin because of the incredible number of resources for health tech startups,” says Dr. Moberly. “The Wisconsin Technology Council is a great example, and we’re honored to win the Life Sciences category in the Governor’s Business Plan Contest.”

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