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UW-Madison Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy

Work Phone: 608-263-3864 Website: http://www.ssc.wisc.edu/~nwilliam/CROWE.html


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The primary mission of the Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy, in the Department of Economics at the Univerity of Wisconsin РMadison, is to support and disseminate economic policy research, with a particular focus on the Wisconsin economy and state-level economic policy issues.  A main goal is to better understand the economic outcomes and the impacts of policies at the state-level, and make economic research accessible to policymakers, businesses, and community groups in Wisconsin and around the nation. CROWE will be a crucial link tying UW-Madison to the broader policy and business community.

CROWE will play a unique role in the state and nationally, providing objective economic research to support economic development and policy evaluation for important state-level issues. While CROWE will focus on Wisconsin, our research will draw on lessons from other states. CROWE will fill a need in raising the level of policy discussion, developing new ideas and initiatives for economic policy and development, and bringing attention to important trends and potential areas of reform.