A medical device to screen ailing horses.

Software to engage more people in public policy discussions.

A 3-D printer to create metal machinery components.

Those are some of the business ideas that are among the 13 finalists in this year’s Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest.

Seven of the 13 are from the Madison area:

  • Asto CT, Madison — CT (computed tomography) screening to diagnose limb, head and neck disorders in horses.
  • Complete Phytochemical Solutions, Cambridge — Providing expertise in plant chemistry for use in making nutritional supplements for animals and people.
  • Linectra, Madison — 3-D metal printing for manufacturers to make custom metal industrial parts.
  • Lynx Biosciences, Madison — Technology to predict which treatment will work best for individual patients with multiple myeloma or other blood cancers.
  • POLCO, Madison — Polling analytics for local governments and processes for more public involvement in civic issues.
  • WeightUp Solutions, Madison — Devices to track weightlifting performance for use by players, coaches and trainers.
  • Xemex Static Mixer, Madison — A mixing nozzle for use with adhesive materials.

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