Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) understands the challenges that businesses are facing during these uncertain times. Being an innovative leader of employee benefits, TASC is making their expertise and Emergency Benefit Accounts available for FREE during 2020. To learn more about the accounts go to

So, whether you are a customer or not, TASC can assist you in the account and plan details for self-administration or working with your current service provider. By utilizing the configurable platform of accounts, TASC is offering a collection of Emergency Response Benefits for FREE to Dane County employers to assist with a variety of unexpected costs and ways to facilitate giving.

Emergency Response Benefits include:

  • Emergency Expense Reimbursement Account: covers unforeseen expenses during difficult circumstances, including medical expenses, medical testing and treatments, as well as dependent care costs.
  • Emergency Expense HRA: reimburses all 213(d) medical expenses resulting from a public healthcare crisis, including additional co-pays, prescriptions and other out-of-pockets costs.
  • Back-up Care Reimbursement Account: helps pay for unexpected dependent care costs when regular care is unavailable.
  • Emergency Loan Account: generates interest-free loans that are repaid via payroll deduction.
  • Employee Crisis Fund Account: provides grants to qualified employees facing financial hardship from a personal, regional or national crisis. Employer-funded account that can accept employee contributions.
  • Home Office Account: reimburses the cost of qualifying home office equipment and supplies.
  • Work Clothes Account: reimburses purchase of uniforms and/or safety items, such as safety goggles or protective shoes, required to do the job.
  • Giving Account Options: enables charitable donations that are tax advantageous or otherwise, funded by employees and/or matched by employers to nonprofit agencies.

TASC knows that businesses are laser focused on their employees while managing their bottom line. Dan Rashke, CEO of TASC, shares “I feel so fortunate to work with a number of community leaders and am so impressed how organizations and businesses have banded together during this time of crisis to serve our community. We know that when you converge the social and business interests of TASC it can create the most value for all stakeholders.”

The emergency benefits at TASC offers can allow you to rest assured that you are doing what you can to maximize your contributions for you and your employees, while minimizing your effort. TASC is focused on improving the health, wealth and well-being of customers, employees and the community. To learn more about Emergency Response Benefits, Legislative Updates or Everyday Philanthropy, visit the TASC Responds to COVID-19 at or call 1-833-433-1002.


About TASC
For over four decades, TASC has specialized in on-demand, account-based benefit plans, trust-funded healthcare savings, reimbursement programs and compliance solutions to brokers, consultants, financial service firms, health plans, and employers. TASC’s Universal Benefit Account® provides a unified view of all TASC products and services including healthcare, fringe and education benefits. Access to Universal Benefit Account is offered on a monthly subscription basis under an on-demand software delivery model to help organizations mitigate escalating health care costs and obligations. With offices across the United States, TASC services over 80,000 public and private sector clients. For more information visit or call toll free 1-800-422-4661.

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