Moe Mukiibi has seen the world: childhood in Uganda, graduate school in Arizona, Houston after that. His water expertise has made him a global name in the field, called upon to help address the water shortage crisis in California and the BP oil spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico.

So what’s he doing in Milwaukee, known to many outsiders as a once-mighty industrial powerhouse that in recent decades has struggled to redefine itself after years of factory closures and resulting job losses?

“We’re going to make this the Silicon Valley of water,” he says in his baritone voice, powered by preacher-like oomph. “All the research is here. All the brainpower is here. All the money is here.”

Mukiibi’s path to Wisconsin‘s biggest city, and to Stonehouse Water Technologies, where he serves as chief technology and chief operating officer, began in 2015 through a chance meeting at a U.S. Agency for International Development workshop in Frankfurt, Germany. Dean Amhaus, who helped found and serves as CEO of The Water Council in Milwaukee, gave an elevator pitch about his organization. Read the full story here.