Jonathan Baran

Co-founder and CEO, healthfinch; BSBME ’08, MSBME ’10,

Recipient of the 2016 College of Engineering Early Career Achievement Award, Nov. 11, 2016.

How or why did you choose to attend college at UW-Madison?

I was born in Appleton, and went to high school in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, I always felt like a Wisconsinite and knew I’d find my way back. So that, combined with the fact that the engineering program was a top program in the country, brought me back to Wisconsin.

Why did you choose engineering as your major?

I see healthcare as the biggest challenge facing our country’s economy over the next decade and I’ve always been motivated by the impact I could make on this problem. I thought about medical school, but quickly concluded that in this role, I would have an extremely limited impact on our healthcare system. Instead, I looked at engineering and technology as the way to make my mark. Technology has been the driver that has transformed every industry for the better (except healthcare), and by making it my profession, I knew I would be setting myself up for making the biggest impact.

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