Welcome IIB Consulting! The company has worked with local clients since 2015 and officially joined the Whitewater University Innovation Center in 2019.

What services does the company offer?

IIB Consulting provides international interdisciplinary business consulting and technology solutions. The company is a full service business consulting and human resource firm that focuses on high quality nearshore engineering, project management, and software development solutions from Mexico.

What are the advantages of nearshoring?

  • Same or similar time zones for calls, correspondence, and collaboration
  • Stronger business ties through proximity and free trade
  • Reduced cultural differences
  • Reduced travel time and expenses
  • Tax incentives

Their primary nearshoring models include:

  • IT Staffing allows the client company to manage the employees, their performance, and the project as a whole. The employees are simply “leased” to the client and the client is invoiced for its human capital.
  • Staff Augmentation enables IIB to manage the project with client oversight. IIB is responsible for the implementation and ensures success.
  • Software Factory enables IIB to take complete responsibility for the project based on the clients model and deliverable expectations. The project is managed by IIB and the client simply receives the final deliverables and product upon completion. Read the full profile here.