Altruize, an app that enables volunteers to control and verify their volunteer data without paperwork, is participating in gener8tor’s gALPHA Social Impact: Criminal Justice Reform Summer 2020 cohort.

The program was created so that social innovation can break poverty cycles and provide a path to financial freedom, according to a release. In gAPLPHA’s program, individuals and start-ups are brought together for four weeks to identify how ideas and products could have an impact on the criminal justice system.

Nicole Sdao, founder and CEO of Altruize, said the gener8tor program would allow Altruize to research how the app could reform the way court-ordered community service is perceived while increasing compliance and decreasing recidivism.

“The gALPHA program has been an amazing opportunity to fully understand the immense impact that Altruize will have on the justice system, particularly with the juvenile justice system since court-ordered community service is preferred with this group,” Sdao said.

And gALPHA is equally excited to have Altruize as a part of the cohort.

“They are bringing a high-tech solution to a sometimes low-tech process of tracking parole and community service hours,” said Joe Bazydlo, director of gALPHA Social Impact Madison. “Their product could add a lot of efficiency and insights to parole offices, and I’m excited to see their future developments.”

According to Sdao, the next step for Altruize is to partner with social impact investors and sponsors.

“Partnering with socially purposeful investors and sponsors will give us the opportunity to make true reform in the criminal justice system and do it through the power of volunteerism,” Sdao said.

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