Dohmen Constellations, a subsidiary of The Dohmen Company, has become the state’s first benefit corporation under recently passed legislation.

“For over a year we’ve championed legislative efforts to make this legal status available to companies in Wisconsin,” said Cynthia LaConte, CEO for The Dohmen Company. “Dohmen Constellations is reimagining business as a catalyst to build healthy communities, and our B-Corp status tells the world this isn’t a byproduct of our work, it’s the reason we exist.”

Benefit corporations are for-profit entities that work toward general public benefit, rather than profit alone. According to a release, legislation allowing this type of organizational structure was passed in November and goes into effect this week. Over 30 other states now have this designation.

Dohmen Constellations will invest in a portfolio of sustainable businesses that spread social good. The company will seek strong financial performances in the companies, but will also work toward greater economic equity in the Milwaukee community.

See the release: