EatStreet today launched its first national TV campaign, a move leadership said supports the online food ordering and delivery company’s rapid growth in key markets.

Serving more than 250 U.S. cities, EatStreet has continued to build a loyal customer base through its commitment to provide a streamlined user experience focused on the company’s mission to be “The smartest shortcut from Hungry to Happy.”

The TV campaign reinforces that shortcut and ease of EatStreet’s online and mobile ordering experience. The commercial likens EatStreet to a system of pneumatic tubing that quickly delivers the foods people want – showcasing how easy it is for millions of hungry fans to connect with the thousands of restaurants they love.

“There’s a lot of noise when it comes to online food ordering, and we want to cut through the clutter and focus on what really matters: Getting our customers from hungry to happy in the quickest possible way,” said Matt Howard, EatStreet CEO and co-founder. “Our TV campaign, similar to everything we do, brings attention to just how easy EatStreet makes food ordering.”

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