Field Viewers, a startup specializing in radiation sensors, wants to expand and break into three different markets with efficient design.

“So electronic circuits traditionally have been really bulky; in order to sense one pixel of a detector, a radiation circuit could be as big as my laptop here,” said Sachin S. Junnarkar, CEO of Field Viewers, at last Wednesday’s meeting in Madison of the entrepreneurial network 1 Million Cups. “But things have changed.”

His vision for the future of the Illinois-based company involves selling sensor components, which detect X-ray and gamma radiation in the invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, to companies in the medical imaging, industrial measurement, and baggage scanning industries.

“All these three industries have seen significant investment in making their system smarter in terms of the software, in terms of how they visualize the data, in terms of the user experience,” Junnarkar said. “Significant improvements have been made in this particular aspect, but the hardware has seen its own share of neglect.” Read the full article here.