At a recent Bunker Labs event at the Capitol, experts spoke to the need for groundbreaking ideas and strategies in cybersecurity and other data-related fields.

“Cybersecurity is very much a wartime occupation where the fight is always real,” said Timothy Booher, chief information security officer for Colgate-Palmolive and a director in the U.S. Cyber Command, a subordinate unit of U.S. Strategic Command. “The demand is much higher than any company or anyone can provide right now.”

He spoke yesterday alongside Col. Doug Matty of U.S. Cyber Command’s Capability Development Group for Bunker Labs’ Muster Madison event. This discussion was part of the Muster Across America tour, which aims to broaden and strengthen the network of military veterans and entrepreneurs.

“We need smart people, hardworking entrepreneurs to come to us with new technologies… because no company can sign a strategic partnership with IBM and sleep well at night because of that — there is no vendor that has the solution out there for us,” Booher said.

Matty emphasized the importance of leadership for entrepreneurs looking to solve significant data-related problems, a trait he says is equally important in the military.

“The DoD, we need folks to come up with innovative ideas,” he said, noting that higher-ups in the Department of Defense see innovation as “the critical thing we need to have to sustain our defense and our security.” Read the full story here.