Healics and Interra Health, two industry-leading health care companies focused on employee preventive health and wellness programs and employer health clinics, are uniting under the Healics name.

Derek Boyce and Ryan Sommers, the co-founders of Interra Health, will continue to maintain a daily and active role in the new organization. The combined company will have just under 200 employees, who impact the lives of 200,000 participants and patients, and approximately 600 clients throughout the country.

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“The merger is a strategic opportunity to create a larger, stronger organization that will help us grow by securing new clients, providing a more extensive range of services to existing clients and innovating new approaches to corporate health, wellness and onsite and near-site clinical care,” says Patti Plough, LPN, CWC, president and CEO of operations for Healics.

For Interra and Healics clients, the merger will deliver a number of benefits: more customization of health and wellness programs and employer clinics; a broader range of services; and a simplification of choices.

“The merger is bringing together two like-minded companies,” says Boyce, co-founder and president of Interra Health. “Each has a driving passion to deliver a new, patient-centric approach to health care that includes wellness programs and clinics as core deliverables but also introduces forward-looking services that expand the entire continuum of care offered at workplaces.”

Healics, which is based in Milwaukee, and Interra, which is located in Brookfield, initially plan to retain both campuses but will eventually bring all employees under one roof.

“Both companies have a strong track record of providing high quality customer service and a highly recognized and respected health risk assessment process. I am excited to bring additional products to our customers through this merger,” says Michael Naparalla, RN, president and CEO of sales and marketing for Healics. “Every day, I hear stories about how our workplace programs have improved people’s health. I want to build on our process and provide as much support as possible to help our participants and patients live their healthiest, happiest, most vibrant lives.”

Healics, originally known as Health Steps, was established in 1985 in Milwaukee as a health and wellness software company. Plough, an LPN, has been affiliated with Healics since 1991 and Naparalla, an RN, has been affiliated with the company since 2001. Each had their own corporate wellness companies and both sold the Healics software tool to their respective clients. In 2011, Plough and Naparalla purchased Healics from the company’s founder. Healics is owned by: Plough, president and CEO of operations, and Naparalla, president and CEO of sales and marketing.

Interra Health was founded in 2001 by Derek Boyce and Ryan Sommers and initially provided workplace chiropractic and physical rehabilitation. Based on client demand and the founders’ desire to innovate health care, the company realigned its offerings to focus on health and wellness programs and onsite clinics.