What began as a cringeworthy sight lit a spark in Joshua Cleveland and his wife and business partner, Gina Cleveland. As they witnessed a young boy receive his third concussion from participating in football and hockey, they wanted to make a change.

Concussions in young athletes — roughly 8 to 18 years old — can be detrimental to their health and affect brain development. The Clevelands are doctors and the founders of Impact Sports LLC. They saw this as an opportunity to help minimize concussions by designing a special helmet.

The Calvarum Blitz cushions the skull by reducing linear and rotational forces, which come from being tackled, hitting your head on the ground and more.

Named for the Latin root word “calvaria,” which refers to part of the skull, the Calvarum Blitz is modeled after the infant skull. It redirects, yields and absorbs force simultaneously, slowing potentially damaging forces entering the skull. Read the full story here.