The institute, affiliated with the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, released a report this week evaluating venture capital dollars worldwide, using Thomson Reuters data.

The institute found $42 billion in venture capital investments worldwide, with the U.S. accounting for almost 70 percent of that. Silicon Valley attracted almost $11 billion in investments, followed by Boston with $3.1 billion and New York with $2.1 billion. London ranked 7th at $842 million, while Beijing was ninth at $758 million and Toronto ranked 12th at $628 million.

Madison, meanwhile, had $63.21 million in venture capital investments. And although that figure didn’t rank in the top 20, Madison’s $100 in investments per capita ranked it 14th in the world. Those in the top 20 in investments per capita ranged from San Jose at $2,146 to Phoenix at $73.

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