Mercury Marine, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of boat parts and engines, is using data in new ways while pushing environmental sustainability.

“There’s the people, the planet, and the profit — and we believe in those three P’s,” said Scott Louks, sustainability and facilities project manager for Mercury Marine.

This $2.3 billion division of the Brunswick Corporation specializes in outboard marine motors, shipping products from its Fond du Lac headquarters to “virtually every country around the world,” according to Chris Drees, (pictured here) the company’s vice president of global operations. He says the company employs about 3,600 there.

“We’re unlike a lot of other manufacturers, because we’re very vertically integrated,” Drees says.

As he explains, the company’s engine blocks start from recycled aluminum, which is blended on site by metallurgists. It’s then smelted and high-pressure die-casted in another part of the facility.

“We have massive machining centers across our facility,” Drees told “Within our casting process, if you think about trying to drive out waste from that whole cycle, the more information and data we can collect to better utilize in our manufacturing process, the better.” Read the full story here.