A precision medicine company started by a Wisconsin entrepreneur has completed a $5 million funding round, with a goal of improving health outcomes for premature babies.

Astarte Medical co-founder and Chief Financial Officer Tammi Jantzen currently lives in Platteville, where some of her earliest backers also reside.

“We appreciate them so much,” she said. “They took the biggest risk out of all our investors way early… I don’t know if we had even envisioned what the product would look like at that point.”

With the addition of the latest Series A funds, Jantzen and her co-founders have raised a total of about $6 million. The latest investment will support development of three separate products meant for care providers working in the neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU.

The first product, NICUtrition Analytics, is a data analysis platform that helps hospitals determine how well they’re complying with their own metrics for preterm infant care. The second is an interactive guidance platform to be used at the patient’s bedside to track feeding and other activities.

Jantzen says both will be launched sometime this year, with the analytics product coming slightly sooner. By the end of the year, she says they’re hoping to have the guidance product up and running at several hospitals.

The third product under development is called MAGI, and involves bringing in data from genome sequencing and electronic health records in order to predict gut health in premature babies. This system is still in its early stages, and Jantzen says a clinical trial is needed before it can be brought to market.

“We’d love to have it piloted by the end of 2020 with commercial launch in 2021,” she said. “We’ll likely need a follow-on round to commercially launch that… likely in 2020.” Read the full story here.