Spaulding Medical has created a quick, inexpensive and easy-to-use system for care providers tracking the heart health of their patients.

The Spaulding ECG, or electrocardiograph, is a revamped, highly portable version of the larger ECG systems designed to ease the process of obtaining data on patients’ heart functions.

While many hospitals have older “legacy” ECG systems in place, very few nursing homes and care facilities have easy access to them. To obtain ECG readings for any given patient, many nursing homes have to call in a mobile provider to lug in the heavy machinery, get a reading, send the data to someone who can interpret it, and then wait days for that analysis.

The problem with these old systems, says Spaulding Medical CEO Amanda Baltz, is they are “too expensive, too hard to train on, and too difficult to use.”

“Our device gives a really fast ECG read,” Baltz said. “It’s all cloud connected, so we can hook them in with a licensed in-state cardiologist.”

By using just the essential machinery of legacy ECG’s and relegating most of the work to the cloud, Spaulding Medical is able to have an ECG device that fits in-hand, and can send data immediately to the company’s webECG platform. Read the full story here.