This week’s episode of “WisBusiness: The Podcast” is with Erin Rasmussen, founder of an early-stage business called the American Wine Project.


She grew up in Madison but spent the last decade in California studying winemaking. Her new venture has several wines in development, and she says she wants to stimulate interest in the “farm-to-table” model of wine in Wisconsin.


“How do I as a Midwest native bring thoughtful, artistic, high quality winemaking to a region that is really just beginning its wine industry lifespan?” she said. “It’s really only pretty recently that we’ve had the technology and the research done to be able to consistently grow grapes that survive our cold winters.”


Rasmussen is a graduate of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation’s Upstart program, which supports minority and women entrepreneurs.


She and her business partner are currently looking for a space to set up their winery, which she says presents some different challenges here than in California. Listen to the podcast here.