Govs Biz Plan Contest SliderThis week’s episode of “WisBusiness: The Podcast” is with Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council.

He discusses the Governor’s Business Plan Contest, now in its 16th year, which gives entrepreneurs the chance to have their business ideas validated through several stages of competitive judging.

The deadline to enter the first round of competition is 5 p.m. on Jan. 31. Applicants will submit 250-word write-ups for the first round, which go through an initial judging period.

Those that make it through the first stage will submit a 1,000-word essay, followed by another round of judging. Winners from that round will write a full business plan for judgement, and the finalists will give live presentations in June at the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Conference.

“It’s a somewhat lengthy process. But it’s designed to give people that room to breath, essentially, and to build their plan along the way,” Still said.

The Tech Council is holding a series of info sessions to give entrepreneurs a better idea of what’s expected and how to enter. One will be held the evening of Jan. 9 at the Coliseum Bar in Madison, and another will be held Jan. 10 at the UWM Accelerator in Wauwatosa in the early afternoon.

“Even though it’s been around for 16 years, there’s always a new crop of entrepreneurs, and those are the ones we are trying to reach, because it really fits best with them,” he said. Listen to the podcast here.