Brain surgery is a tedious and daunting job. With one slip of the hand or miscalculation, a neurosurgeon can easily do great damage.

Seven years ago, Terrence Oakes was doing research when he came across an idea he believed could revolutionize the art of brain surgery and make complex surgeries easier for surgeons.

Oakes, CEO of TherVoyant, has developed a software application that can produce real-time images of brain tissue that surgeons can use during brain surgery procedures. The company was profiled as part of a business series done this fall by UW-Madison students.

Oakes and his team of neurosurgeons and developers have created a software application, GuideRT; it produces images on an MRI scanner that can be customized to the needs of each patient. This will help surgeons get more complex images, as well as receive them in a fraction of the normal time.

Some key features GuideRT exhibits include rapid positioning of surgical devices, customization of real-time imaging for specific locations, and being able to monitor drug therapy injections to determine the adequate dosages.

On a basic level, GuideRT takes control of the MRI scanner. Read the full story here.