A UW-Madison assistant professor is challenging the notion that blame for the “skills gap” falls solely upon higher education.

Matthew T. Hora, research scientist at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research and author of “Beyond the Skills Gap,’’ addressed about 60 people at the UW-Madison Education Building today for the launch of the new book.

The book builds upon, and critiques, the idea that misalignment between higher education and workforce needs is a result of inadequate training on the part of higher education systems in Wisconsin.

“Our main conclusion from the book is that we need to reject this narrative, and adopt a vision of higher education that acknowledges collective responsibility for this,” said Hora.

The book was written in conjunction with co-authors Ross Benbow and Amanda Oleson, and compiles their primary research done as part of a statewide study into the various players in the education game.

They discussed the “skills gap” issue with policymakers, educators, administrators and business leaders statewide, and concluded the issue is not as simple as many make it out to be. Hora and his co-authors found that although hiring challenges exist, “they’re not just caused by education and educational preparation.” Read the full story here.