WeightUp Solutions, a startup specializing in sports data analysis, is gaining strength.

The Madison-based company uses sensor devices coupled with artificial intelligence algorithms to track and store data on metrics important to athletes and their coaches.

By placing a custom motion-capture device on an athlete’s body, or on a barbell being used in an exercise, WeightUp Solutions captures velocity, power, work, force, acceleration, distance, timing and tempo — information nearly impossible to determine without sensors.

These data are collated in the company’s app, easily accessed through tablets that schools provide.

Using this app, coaches for high school and college teams–WeightUp’s current target market–can see how their athletes’ performances change over time, as well as how well each athlete performs relative to the rest of the group.

“There is this opportunity that we’ve found, with these football coaches and strength coaches, that these guys are spending 80 hours a week learning about this stuff, improving their programs and strength training, and reading,” Daniel Litvak, CEO of WeightUp Solutions, told WisBusiness.com. “That’s who we really need on the forefront, on this cutting edge of technology.” Read the full story here.