WASHINGTON D.C. – Leaders from Madison and other high-growth centers across the heartland gathered today (Jan. 29) to discuss proposals to spread high-technology growth more equitably across the nation.

The conference, Boosting growth across more of America, grew from a Dec. 9 report from the non-profit Brookings Institution that identified Madison and nine other cities beyond the coasts with track records of growth and potential for much more.

“We are here to build on success, to accelerate the growth of high-paying industries that are propelling Madison, and a select group of other cities,” said conference participant Benjamin Miller, assistant vice chancellor for government and corporate affairs at UW–Madison.  “In its report last month, Brookings placed Madison at the top of its list of growth centers that, with some more federal help, could start to rival the innovation-heavy coastal cities.”

The Brookings report highlighted what many in the Madison business community already know, Miller added: The city and its surroundings have become a hotbed of innovation and economic activity that is nearly unique beyond the coasts, with major developments in health technology, information technology, and biotechnology.

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