Telling the story of how healthcare quality can help build and retain a strong workforce while better connecting young tech-based businesses with the state’s leading healthcare providers are among the missions of the Wisconsin Healthcare Business Forum.

The creation of the Healthcare Business Forum was announced Tuesday by Eric Borgerding, president and chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Hospital Association, and Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council.

The mission of the membership-based WHBF is to promote one of Wisconsin’s most valuable assets – its high-quality, innovative healthcare sector – by creating a forum for members of the business community, hospitals, health systems and others to talk about challenges and to work together to improve the health and wellness of their employees while better managing costs.

Activities will include sharing best practices and innovations through events, publications and roundtables; connecting emerging high-tech companies with providers; and using compelling stories and examples to connect with policymakers and the news media.

“Like most states, Wisconsin must compete to attract and retain talented workers and companies. One major selling point is Wisconsin’s reputation for providing high-quality healthcare, year in and year out,” WHA’s Borgerding said. “Wisconsin has ranked among the nation’s top four states in healthcare quality in 10 of the last 12 years, according to the leading federal study. Few states have the same record.”

“One of the best ways to build upon Wisconsin’s healthcare quality is to ensure it remains innovative and ahead of the curve,” The Tech Council’s Still added. “That’s where the state’s startup and emerging companies help by providing new tests, devices, therapies and software that can improve care, efficiency, reporting and more.”

The Tech Council issued a report in 2017, “Taking the Pulse: How Quality Healthcare Builds a Better Bottom Line,” that gave specific examples of providers and businesses are using technology, on-site delivery and prevention and wellness strategies to improve care and controls costs. Over the past five years, the Tech Council has also developed its annual “Tech Summits” to successfully connect young companies with major companies seeking innovative research, products and services.

“Better connecting businesses and providers will help everyone with a stake in improving quality, controlling costs and opening doors to innovation,” Borgerding said. “We look forward to contributing to that through the work of the WHBF.”

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About the Wisconsin Hospital Association: The Wisconsin Hospital Association, based in Madison, advocates for the ability of its 140 hospital and health system members to lead in the provision of high quality, affordable and accessible health care services, resulting in healthier Wisconsin communities. WHA is committed to serving member needs, keeping members informed of important local and national legislative issues, interpreting clinical and quality issues for members, providing up-to-date educational information and encouraging member participation in association activities.

About the Wisconsin Technology Council: The Tech Council is the independent, non-profit science and technology advisory group to the governor and the Legislature and a catalyst for tech-based economic development in Wisconsin through events, contests and programs. They include the Tech Council Innovation Network, the Tech Council Investor Networks, the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference, the Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium, the Wisconsin Tech Summit, the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest and the Wisconsin YES! youth business plan contest.