March 16, 2020 - Lambeau Field, Green Bay

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Sandalphon Capital (Chicago, Ill.) – Sandalphon Capital is a venture capital firm focused primarily on Pre-Seed to Series A stage investing in the Midwest and underserved markets. We invest in problem solving, scalable, recurring revenue technology and tech-enabled companies, with a top tier track record to-date.

Aptus (Sun Prairie, Wis.) – Aptus bridges the gap between people and smart home solutions to enable them to live a more fulfilled life. Specifically, we engage with people to identify, install, and maintain smart home applications to improve security, stay organized, and make it easier to connect with friends and family.

Blue Line Battery (Whitewater, Wis.) – Blue Line is an engineering-driven technology company that designs and manufactures lithium-ion power systems for a variety of market applications including; industrial, stationary, small electric vehicle and solar.

Bunker (Madison, Wis.) – Bunker was founded in 2015 to remove insurance as a barrier in the supply chain between Enterprises and their Providers – suppliers, vendors, subcontractors and gig workers. Since its inception, Bunker has provided its compliance suite to clients across industries to reduce enterprise operating costs, effectively mitigate billions of dollars in risk exposure and level-set the insurance economic inequality for the supply chain.

CAPTIVATE (Madison, Wis.) – CAPTIVATE is a financial services firm focused on making venture capital investing more attractive and accessible to the general public. Our goal is to normalize venture capital investing so that it is as commonplace as investing in an ETF, index fund, or mutual fund.

Chronetic Software (Oregon, Wis.) – Chronetic Software is a ‘custom contract software development team’ for hire. We come equipped with a fully trained and managed team of developers. We practice the Agile method in all aspects of business; from daily stand-up meetings to billing and contracts. We deliver high-quality software that is usable much faster than traditional companies can offer.

Clandestine Materials Detection (Madison, Wis.) – Developed and patented a technology that can detect the explosives in land mines and IEDs using drones

CLOCworks (Madison, Wis.)- CLOCworks helps commercial and industrial facilities save money through the reduction of energy waste by using AI-powered software to optimize the control of energy assets like solar panels, energy storage, and HVAC systems.

eCourt Reporters (Burlington, Wis.) – eCourt Reporters’ marketplace enables law firms, government entities, and court reporting firms and agencies to directly schedule court reporters and legal videographers with live search capabilities across all 50 states.

Energy Tech Innovations (Milwaukee, Wis.) – Energy Tech Innovations is a start-up company that was formed in 2015 to focus on development of its new patented biogas purification process that produces renewable natural gas. In June of 2017, ETI was one of the technology winners of the Business Research Entrepreneurship in Wisconsin Accelerator program at the annual Water Summit in Milwaukee for this new biogas purification process. 

Etremere (Madison, Wis.) – Entremere is a business IT company that markets intelligent business solutions in international markets. It has partnered with a Germany company to develop and launch a new digital media management system and ad app for live digital broadcasts in the digital media industries worldwide. The system tracks digital transactions to capture hard-to-get data across digital broadcasters, sales platforms and social media networks for our big data analytics initiative.

Fasetto (Superior, Wis.)- Fasetto creates technology solutions for an increasingly connected world. We believe in seamless connectivity between people, their content and the devices they use regardless of platform, device or network.

Flowsoft Group (Madison, Wis.) – Flowsoft focuses on cybersecurity training and job placement programs for US-based candidates and companies.

Franklin Industries (Green Bay, Wis.) – Franklin Industries is in the business of saving lives and preventing heartbreak. With the focus of protecting those who can not protect themselves, our children, FI seeks to find unconventional ways to solve real life problems.

Future State (Green Bay, Wis.) – The people in our communities don’t live their lives in silos, and the data we use to support their health, education and wellbeing shouldn’t either. Future State sparks the potential energy of data currently trapped within multiple organizations to forge a singular knowledge base, leading to smarter communities where everyone learns and grows together.

Headway.io (Green Bay, Wis.) – Headway is a startup-minded agency that partners with startups and corporations to bring entrepreneurial ideas to market and keep them there. Our product teams come alongside your teams and own the problem together through four phases; idea, build, grow, transform. Throughout all phases, we align the needs of your customers with the needs of the business to build a sustainable product that serves all involved.

Health-e (Milwaukee, Wis.) – health-e is an intelligent health management service that can detect, predict, and prevent heart failure (HF) readmissions, creating economic value for third-party players. This is achieved by HIPAA compliant monitoring of patients’ weight, activity level, and medication adherence through connected devices and artificial intelligence that predicts the likelihood of readmission.

Ideawake (Milwaukee, Wis.) – Ideawake’s SaaS idea management platform enables employers to (1) solicit and crowdsource ideas of employees, customers and vendors to reduce costs, generate additional revenue and engage employees, (2) evaluate and select the best ideas, and (3) manage the implementation of those ideas.

Kiio (Madison, Wis.) – Kiio is a digital therapeutic for musculoskeletal. Our platform uses advanced software to deliver evidence-based, consumer-centric care, improving quality of life for people with back pain while reducing opioid use, medical costs, and employment costs. We sell our product B2B to health insurance companies and large self-funded employers.

Kilter Rewards (Madison, Wis.) – Kilter Rewards is a mobile platform that redefines employee engagement by combining healthy living programs with charitable giving. Kilter uniquely assists employers in their efforts to reduce avoidable costs related to health issues, reduce costs associated with turnover and recruitment processes, and helps improve external customer satisfaction ratings and brand image in the community.

LegalTech WI (Waukesha, Wis.) – Our firm is creating cutting edge divorce financial planning software that incorporates data science to provide custom financial strategies for family law attorneys. Our strategy utilizes machine learning and neural networks to provide the best financial outcome for both parties and their children.

LetsTHRIVE360 (Beloit, Wis) – LetsTHRIVE360 created the Altruize App where compliance meets ease. We enable volunteers to control their volunteer data and prove their impact with less paperwork. For a fee, individuals can create reports verifying/showcasing their activities for parole/probation and graduation requirements, college application, resume building, etc. For a fee, organizations that require this data from its members can gain access to members’ volunteer data; reducing fraud, paperwork and increasing compliance.

LogicGate (Chicago, IL) – Headquartered in Chicago, LogicGate is a venture-backed agile Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solution that enables organizations to automate and centralize risk and compliance programs. The company has made the Global RegTech 100 list two years in a row and was recently named the #1 GRC Software on the G2 GRC Grid.

Matrix Production Development (Sun Prairie, Wis.) – Matrix Product Development is an all-inclusive engineering company implementing the latest technology through innovative design for clients both big and small. Matrix is a research and design firm with focused experience involving IoT, LoT (indoor location), electronics, software, sensors, and cloud services.

The Mechatronic Works (Richfield, Wis.) – The Mechatronic Works is an engineering consulting company that can provide simple-to-complex electrical, software, and mechanical engineering services. Whether it is designing new products or developing test equipment, we take the time to truly understand our customer’s needs. Our specialty is mechatronic systems – electromechanical systems controlled by real-time software. MTW also designs and built customer automatic test equipment.

OnLume (Madison, Wis.) – OnLume is a medical device company that has developed a next generation fluorescence guided surgery (FGS) system. OnLume’s team consists of experts in medical device commercialization, development, imaging, and FDA guidance. Our first product received FDA 510(k) clearance in Jan 2020, scalable contract manufacturing is in place, and early adopter sites are confirmed. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through widespread adoption of FIGS with best-in-class imaging and surgical workflow integration.

Otologic Technologies (Madison, Wis.) – Otologic Technologies is developing a clinical decision support system to improve accuracy of primary care ear disease diagnosis from 30% (current model) to 85% using our system. Our system utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and a software-as-a-service infrastructure and will provide access to a global market of up to 2 billion annual primary care visits. Our technology is protected by patents under license from The Ohio State University.

Part Analytics (Brookfield, Wis.) – Part Analytics’ SaaS sourcing and quoting platform transforms electronics procurement for enterprise customers by digitizing manual, excel-based spend management and automating the quoting process for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies. 

Perceptive (Madison, Wis.) – We are a cybersecurity startup applying decision science and statistics to the vulnerability management problem.

PixelHangers (Milwaukee, Wis.) – Pixel Hangers is a woman-owned technology company established in 2000. With roots in technology training the company expanded into network consulting in 2010 and beginning in 2015 digital signage software development started. In 2018, while still offering digital signage, the company pivoted to focus on mobile conversion tools and began work on the ScanForAction (SFA) software suite. Staffing consists of a product manager, system architect/programmer, a software engineer and two part-time software engineers.

PoWER & Beyond (Milwaukee, WI) – PoWER & Beyond is a platform agnostic app and proprietary certification service that ensures safety and security in rideshare and the sharing economy.  PoWER & Beyond’s initial niche includes rideshare for healthcare as patients are at-risk and systems face cancellations and fiscal loss due to transport restrictions. PoWER & Beyond includes in-depth security clearances, ongoing background checks, pre-ride biometric identity verifications, in-ride real-time travel safety features and geo-fencing.

Premier Tech Shop (Milwaukee, Wis.) – Premiere Tech is the greater Milwaukee area’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider. We specialize in software training, hardware repair and maintenance and the practice of hardware sustainability.

Prodex (Appleton, Wis.) – Prodex is an enterprise social platform connecting (b2b) product end users, designers, marketers and sales representation. We simplify product search, development and procurement.  Prodex reduces supply chain inefficiencies, standardizing enterprise marketing throughout the entire product life cycle.  We are disrupting the $12tTrillion enterprise product market and their $1.3 trillion marketing expenditures through network.

PumpHero (Milwaukee, Wis.) – PumpHero is a mobile application that connects on-the-go breastfeeding mothers to a curated list of safe, secure and comfortable places to pump when away from baby. PumpHero geo-locates approved PumpSites via the user’s location or by a search function. We are empowering the new mom to reach and exceed her breastfeeding milestones and empowering employers to support this fastest growing demographic in the US labor force.

Pythonic AI (Madison, Wis.) – Pythonic AI automates labor-intensive steps in document workflows involving unstructured text, such as PDFs. We build domain-specific optical character recognition (OCR) models and natural language models that enable deduplication, extraction, and enhancement of this unstructured data. We have deployed applications that process unstructured medical records as well as real estate mortgage documents.

Quigistics (Madison, Wis.) – Quigistics is an Information Technology company who makes streamlined and cloud-based ERP software with built-in Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance that is customized for small to medium sized food companies. We currently serve the following verticals: dairy, bakeries, artisanal snacks, cbd processors, beverages, probiotics, commissary kitchens and grocers. We have plans to expand into pet food, meat and seafood.

Radiant Logic (Downers Grove, IL) – Radiant Logic, Inc. is the market-leading provider of federated identity systems based on virtualization, and delivers simple, logical, and standards-based access to all identities within an organization.

RedFox AI (Madison, Wis.) – Founded in 2017, RedFox AI helps give brands a voice by leveraging the power of AI and voice assistant technology. RedFox AI focuses on helping medium to enterprise-level companies deploy voice assistant technologies like Alexa and Google Assistant to streamline internal processes or increase customer engagement to lower costs and increase revenue.

Rowheels (Middleton, Wis.) – Rowheels is known for “successfully doing what has never done before” to connect and find solutions to meet the complex demands of people with disability. Whether it is in the product space or Digital marketplace, from developing the world’s first therapeutic wheelchair technology that greatly reduces the pain and injuries common to traditional wheelchairs, we further reinvented a unique online ecommerce distribution model not only for its proprietary products but for the entire rehabilitation industry: Rehabpulse.com.

RS InfoCon (Oak Creek, Wis.) – RSI is a Minority owned business (MBE) certified by the state of Wisconsin. We are partners with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. We focus on making a difference for our customers, employees, suppliers and partners by listening, understanding, and helping them become more productive, sustainable, and globally competitive through innovative and creative solutions and services.

Safeli (Shorewood, Wis.) – SafeLi will help power the wireless world with next generation materials while offering a safer solution for users of electric vehicles, power tools, consumer electronics, and many other devices that draw energy from lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries. When commercialized, SafeLi’s novel, patented material, Graphene Monoxide (GmO), has the potential to disrupt the Li battery market by doubling the lifetime of these batteries and charging them six times faster than today’s batteries.

Safelumin (Oconomowoc, Wis.) – We created the Safelumin light after working on commercial projects involving emergency lighting. Then we focused on bringing a daily-use light with battery backup into the home. It will disrupt the market because it offers safety when there’s no power, has longevity, less power consumption, better illumination, and all at an affordable price. We own US and China patents.

Safio Solutions (Brookfield, Wis.) – SAFIO Solutions operates as a SaaS software solutions firm utilizing a proprietary sales analysis and forecasting platform. We provide companies the tools and vision to manage inventory, improve forecasting efficiency and make strategic decisions resulting in improved key performance indicators like increased sales & turn, improved profits and optimal cash flow.

Saggezza (Chicago, IL) – Clients around the world count on us to guide them through digital complexities and disruptions. Our goal is not only to provide full-stack capabilities for you, but to consistently build new levels of confidence. We listen carefully to your challenges, then get to work as a team to connect ideas with unique thinking that will quickly deliver substantial value for your business.

Sift Healthcare (Milwaukee, Wis.) – Sift equips healthcare providers with a complete payments analytics and data science platform. Sift enables providers to access real-time payments intelligence, prioritize revenue cycle workflows around ROI, implement 1-to-1 billing, accelerate cash flow and increase collections.

SMARTcare Software (Eau Claire, Wis.) – SMARTcare is advancing home healthcare. We are a complete Saas business automation platform for home healthcare providers that drives best practices in care and elevates patient/caregiver engagement and satisfaction. SMARTcare uses connected technologies that enable home care providers to organize, optimize and simplify care delivery while saving time and improving outcomes.

Speak (Whitewater, Wis.) – The idea of Speak! is focused on animal translation, at one’s fingertips. The app will have logs of common sounds and facial recognition made by dogs, which have been translated by animal behaviorists and specialists, to determine what they mean. When a user wants to find out what a sound means, they can either record it and then input it in the app, or get information from a collar, while the vocalization is happening, for the sound to be computed.

Squiglit (Minneapolis, MN) – We offer an AI-driven Content Creation Platform to educators, teachers and corporate trainers. We help them transform speech and text into animated videos with ease to create highly effective content that captures the mind.

Tanium (Emeryville, CA) – Tanium is a privately held endpoint security and systems management company based in Emeryville, California, founded in 2007 by father and son co-founders of IT management company BigFix.

Teqnizan (TwinCities, MN) – Teqnizan has invented a novel wearable technology pilot product and tested it with 100s of local pilot customers. Teqnizan has the mission of developing advanced manufacturing workflow to enable traditional jewelry designers to easily design and fabricate uniquely personalized jewelry grade wearable devices.  The wearable device will encase a range of transducers, computing, micro and mini energy storage and wireless connectivity.

TESCHGlobal (Grafton, Wis.) – TESCHGlobal guides start-up to Fortune 5 organizations in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail and more on their journey to digital modernization. We’re a team of change agents and problem-solvers dedicated to bridging the gap between business and IT operations for our customers by bringing alignment of business strategy and digital technologies into focus. 

ThaddeusMed (Rochester, MN) – Thaddeus Medical Systems protects high margin biological therapies and temperature sensitive controlled substances via an IoT-enabled, reusable, active temperature-controlled, secure packaging and software. Thaddeus offers the only small parcel, all-in-one solution that proactively protects against spoilage, chain-of-custody and security failures of high-margin, temperature sensitive products.

Ultra Tendency (Stevens Point, Wis.) – Ultra Tendency is a Big Data Systems Integrator working mostly in Europe, and currently establishing a presence in Wisconsin. We write customer analytics applications for large enterprises, integrating open source software with data science and cloud computing platforms.

Ultronic Systems (Mequon, Wis.) – Ultronic Systems is an Engineering Services provider.  We deliver engineering support, on a contractual basis, to high-tech companies requiring assistance in product design and development.  Our clients may be seeking turnkey product development or additional support for their engineering team.   We work in a wide range of industries ranging from consumer and industrial electronics, medical devices, automotive systems, and more.  

Upstream (Eau Claire, Wis.) – UpStream was founded in 2019 with a simple goal; to introduce wireless solutions to the $247+ billion audiovisual industry. We are developing hardware and software that will eliminate the need for wiring AV equipment together and limit dependency on non-value-added labor costs in commercial installations. We are doing so by creating patentable, custom electronics supported by next generation software systems that enable cloud and mobile control and management.

URLgenius (Madison, Wis.) – Pure Oxygen Labs Inc was founded in 2011 by search marketing technologist and serial entrepreneur Brian Klais. Pure Oxygen began as a mobile marketing consultancy focused on propelling higher mobile SEO results for brands. The company developed a proprietary cloud app linking solution called URLgenius in 2013. A $1 million seed round was completed in Q2 2019 with Rock River Capital, focused on expanding sales and product development for URLgenius. The company has 10 employees headquartered at Starting Block in Madison.

Varonis (New York, NY) – Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, specializing in software for data security, governance, compliance, classification, and threat detection. We protect our customers from insider threats and cyberattacks.

Vehroot (Waunakee, Wis.) – Vehroot is a consumer electronics company developing both hardware and software to integrate Artificial Intelligence within vehicles. Vehroot offers a unique and scalable development path for vehicle technology, beginning with placement of mobile devices as the dashboard technology.

VibeTech Enterprises (Sheboygan, Wis.) – VibeTech Enterprises is a privately held B2B medical device manufacturer. The company’s devices provide therapeutic vibration to the lower body to strengthen muscles and reduce pain, resulting in patient falls reduction in healthcare facilities ranging from acute care to independent living. Falls reduction generates significant cost reductions for provider businesses, as well as life-changing benefits in patients suffering from all forms of dys-mobility, and particularly to cognitively impaired individuals who have fallen or are at risk of falling.

Vivid Microscopy (Wauwatosa, Wis.) – Vivid Microcopy is a company that was started in May of 2018 to commercialize technology developed at Marquette University.  The currently available products, (which are covered by patents), include a research tool for measuring oxidative stress without the drawbacks of currently available technologies. 

Zendesk (San Francisco, CA) – The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk. Our customer service and engagement products are powerful and flexible, and scale to meet the needs of any business. Zendesk serves businesses across hundreds of industries, with more than 125,000 paid customer accounts offering service and support in over 30 languages.

Zerology (Madison, Wis.) – Zerology is an environmentally friendly transportation ecosystem. Leveraging zero-emissions electric vehicles through an innovative technology infrastructure — we provide communities easy, sustainable, and affordable mobility services.